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Evening appointment after 5pm


After Hours reading

. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$280

Psychic reading


30 minute psychic reading

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$198

45 minute psychic reading

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$244

After Hours reading

. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$280

Urgent After hours 30min

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$244

30minute Love Reading

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$190

Urgent Mediumship Reading - Loss of a Loved One -

. Duration:1 hr·. Price:$300

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159 reviews
  • Tania·

    Nicci was brilliant! So lovely and warming. Super accurate with names of loved ones passed over and making connections with a number of areas of life and the connections with loved ones on the other side. So on point. Thank you! 🙏 🤍

  • Kate R·

    Nicci is amazing! Her warm and funny nature will make you feel comfortable from get go. The reading was more than I expected. I will definitely be doing this again in near future. Thanks Nicci!

  • Marylyn·

    Omg! Nicci is truly amazing one of a kind. I booked in for a love reading and was she so blew my mind on the things she picked up on,to the point she even picked up on where my mum passed to the rainy day of my partners mums passing. I would highly recommend nicci and I'll definitely be seeing her again. Xo

  • Rhiannon·

    Nicci is truly an angel with the most precious gift, the gift of helping us connect with those we have lost.
    My reading was so beautiful, I got to re-connect with my friend that I have lost, my aunty and more. Things were mentioned that nobody else knew and it has not only helped with my grief but my mental state. I was able to say good bye and that’s all I ever wanted.
    Thank you Nicci, you are so amazing inside and out and I’ll forever be grateful to of had this reading with you. My heart now feels so full ❤️

  • Daisy Clifford·

    Nicci was amazing, kind and generous,
    She knew intricate details that no one else could have known and was able to allow me to re connect with my mum, which was the greatest gift ever, will be checking in with Nicci again x

  • Bel·

    Thank you Nicci, you are amazing 🌟 Nicci gave me so much incredible personal information, she straight up knew the names of my brother, mother in law, sister in law & my husbands best friend. Nicci mentioned that my mother in law needed to be careful of diabetes which could be dangerous & painful possibly infected legs. My mother in law is insulin dependent diabetic & is having trouble with her sugar readings & mobility issues due to painful legs. Nicci also gave me relevant & informative advice to pass on to my husband regarding his recent health issues. My dad came through with advice for my brother to reconnect with his son. There was so much more that we fitted into our reading but mostly I wanted to say that I put off booking this reading for over a year & a half because I was worried about discussing something that is very personal & sensitive to me. Nicci was so non judgmental & only spoke with compassion, as she said she sees the soul of the person. That’s how I see people as well, & when a person has done wrong it’s still hard for me to hear them spoken badly of. So if you are putting off a reading due to fear of judgement please don’t, Nicci will make you feel like you are talking to your kindest best friend. 💕

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